The President urges ongoing dialogue to resolve the Jubba state-formation process

HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of the Federal Republic of Somalia today urged all parties to work together to reconcile issues currently under discussion in the Jubba state formation process.

‘Across Somalia, Somalis are moving to create one Somalia: a united, federal republic in which all citizens are equal, represented by and with recourse to a competent, transparent, functioning government.

‘In 2012, when the first Federal Government was formed, we knew the necessity of complete political transformation. The Federal Government set itself an ambitious three-fold agenda to put in a place a foundation for the future. We undertook to rewrite the Provisional Constitution, create a federal nation and hold nation-wide elections by 2016. We called this Vision 2016. In 2012, this was but a plan on paper, now is the hard work and commitment of many. Every day we get closer to making our vision a reality.

‘This is not an overnight process; it is not the work of a day or two. It is natural that people will have questions and will challenge processes and outcomes – this is a hallmark of democracy. But dialogue must seek solutions.

‘I commend the work of the Prime Minister and the Ministerial Committee. I urge all parties to bring all issues to the table in order that we can together work through them and find a lasting resolution. My commitment is that the Federal Government of Somalia will remain at the table until all issues are solved.

‘I am heartened that the national troop integration process, which commenced in Kismayo just three weeks ago, has made such solid progress. Troop integration is a practical realisation of the federalisation process. We must remain united in our resolve to rid Somalia of Al-Shabaab, and together invest in building a durable peace.’


Daud Aweis
Office of the President
Federal Republic of Somalia