Suspected Al Shabaab gunmen shot dead government official in Mogadishu

Suspected Al Shabaab gunmen have shot and killed Mogadishu Kahda district official in Darkeyley area.

Witnesses have said Bile Bajuni car was blocked by another vehicle before gunmen opened fire killing the official on the spot.

Al Shabaab has previously targeted government officials and foreigners working with international organizations in Mogadishu.

United Arab Emirates ambassador’s envoy was targeted with car bomb weeks ago by Al Shabaab killing more than ten including security forces.

The group has intensified attacks against the government and African Union troops during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Two popular hotels near Somali Presidential palace were targeted by Al Shabaab on Friday.

14 people were killed including three suicide bombers that detonated themselves at Wehliye and Siyad hotels respectively.

Somali security agencies with the help from AMISOM are struggling to contain the deadly attacks.