Southwest Journalists Association and Media Community in Southwest Back NUSOJ and its Leadership in Seeking for Justice against High Court

South West Journalists Association, Baidoa Media Cooperation, Warsan Media Network and Dalsan Radio Station in Baidoa Branch, the independent media and journalist in South West stand firmly in solidarity and show support (NUSOJ) National Union of Somali Journalist in their struggle in seeking for justice to the Somali journalists.

South West Journalists Association commends the support and the solidarity shown by the Somali media stakeholders across the country and the encourages the entire media fraternity including (SIMIHA) Somali Independent Media Houses Association, Network 2013, Media Association for Puntland (MAP) for their commitment to defending and standing up with the Somali journalists and their Leadership, Mohamed Ibrahim (Bakistaan) whose constitutional legal and constitutional rights were violated by the recent high court judgment, an attempt to create confusions and disrupt the media industry across the country.

National Union of Somali Journalist (NUSOJ) is free, independent and legal entity who has its own strategy plan, policy, procedures and process where the leaders including executives are elected democratically to its members. NUSOJ is pioneers of Freedom of Speech, Democracy and Human Right who enjoy the respect, trust with hearts and minds of every human being.

It is sad and black day for the justice system in this country, history is rewriting itself again, the hope, future and expectation of our citizens has fallen down in the dark era of dictatorship. Democracy, human right and freedom of speech has been buried in the decks of injustice system in front of the Government and International Community.

Unfortunately, Despite for the enduring advocacy of Freedom of Speech, Democracy and Human Right of our Union, this country has a highest court, that does not recognizes the constitution of the country, legality of an independent entity’s right and most importantly does not respect the will of our citizens, their Human Right, their Freedom of Speech and Democracy by denying their legitimate right to elect their leaders.

Furthermore, the High Court does not realize that this type of injustice is the cause of the tragedy civil war of 20 years in this country, where thousands of our citizens lost their lives and loved ones, destroyed our existence as a country, but most importantly the High Court could not comprehend that we as citizens of this country will never stop fighting our freedom and will never except this sort of verdict.

I therefore on behalf of South West Journalists Associations, Baidoa Media Cooperation, their team and the other independent media and journalist in South west condemn utmost on this injustice verdict of the High Court against NUSOJ, its membership an leadership. Such act is an complete hijack of the whole journalists community in Somalia and is therefore unacceptable and request the verdict be overturned.

South West Journalists Associations, Baidoa Media Cooperation, their team and the other independent media and journalist in South west would like to request hot heartedly both the Federal Government of Somalia and the International Community to intervene the subject matter immediately in order justice to prevail in this country, We would also like to remind our citizens that we as the Media in this country will never give up to fight our freedom, legal rights, democracy and human rights.


Mohamud Mohamed Kaire
South-West Journalists Association
Acting-General Secretary – .
Bay region.