Somaliland President blames federal government for destabilization

The President of the self declared state of Somaliland has accused the government of the federal republic of Somalia for creating instability within its territory.

Speaking during annual address to the parliament and lower house in Hargeisa on Monday President Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo has said his administration will not tolerate Mogadishu constant attempts to create instability within Somaliland borders.

“We are ready to sacrifice our blood to defend our flag and borders against foreign aggression” he said.


Silanyo added that Somaliland will never be part of larger Somalia and the dream is over but encouraged the talks between Mogadishu and Hargeisa speeded up to reach everlasting solution.


“We welcome the continuation of the talks between the two sides with a third party and international organization as mediators”


The President of the self declared state that is not internationally recognized also condemned the attack on the kingdom of Saudi Arabia embassy in Tehran saying the Iranian violent actions in the gulf and across middle east region is unacceptable.


Somaliland declared independence from larger Somalia in 1992 a move that is not recognized by both the international community and the central government in Mogadishu.