Somaliland authorities order unconditional welcome of refugees

The authorities of the self-declared state of Somaliland has instructed unconditional welcome of Somali refugees fleeing Yemen conflict.

The move comes after previous order from the authorities denied refugees entry that was greeted by social media outrage from Somali people.

Official press statement from ministry of Presidential affairs has said issues to do with security and humanitarian issues has been resolved and refugees are now welcomed in open hands whether Somalis or Yemenis.

“The republic of Somaliland is welcoming all refugees fleeing the situation in Yemen, whether Somalis, Yemenis or any other background, our government is believer in fair treatment and rights of all refugees,” said Hersi Hassan the minister for Presidential affairs in the statement.

“All outstanding issues with humanitarian organizations and refugees in Somaliland have been resolved and the government conveys its heartfelt regrets on any problem that refugees encountered previously,” he added.