Somalia: The latest report from the fight in Galkaio town

There are still contradicting reports which are coming in from Galakio town the headquarters of Mudug region in central Somalia Sources from Galmudug sides say that forces loyal to Galmudug state have occupied sections of Puntalnd controlled area.

The spokesman of Galmudug states says that their forces have extended themselves as deep as Galkaio’s main hospital on the side of Puntald controlled area, but there are no independent sources which can confirm the claim made by the spokesman.

The local inhabitants of Galkaio town are saying that their ears can still hear the exchange of heavy and light weapons by both warring sides.

Eyewitnesses told the English department of Radio Dalsan that there are human casualties both from the warring sides and ordinary civilians, but figures not known.

There are some reports which say that there are burnt technical pickups which are used during the confrontations for loading heavy guns.

The fight in Galkaio town is estimated to be the heaviest ever fight to take place after the two late Somali military officers General Mohamed Farah Aideed and Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf have signed ceasefire in 1993.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein