Somalia: The Director of Universal TV in East Africa and other journalists detained, their detention criticized

The director of Universal TV in East Africa Mr. Abdullahi Hirsi Kulmiye along with some other journalists including the famous veteran journalist Awil Dahir Salat was on Friday detained in Mogadishu.

The detention of the journalists is not yet known, they were all instructed to report at the national security office and by the time they reached there all their cell phones were taken and powered off.

It is likely that the journalists were detained over a hot political debate which the TV has aired on Thursday night.

On the other hand the National Union of Somali Journalist and the higher administration of Universal TV have highly denounced the detention of the journalist.

It was the beginning of last month when Universal TV was absolutely banned to operate in the semiautonomous state of Jubbaland in Southern Somalia. T

he TV was the first formed Somali speaking TV, though there have been several others which have been formed later.

Radio Dalsan
Mohamed Omar Hussein