Somalia: The Commissioner of El-Ade location wounded in an explosion

The report we are getting from Gedo region in Southwest of Somalia says that Abdirshid Ali Abdi best known as [Qoorleex] was on Monday wounded in a landmine which was planted in his residence went off.

The commissioner was immediately after the explosion evacuated to one of the medical centers in the area where the medics are now engaged in treating.

Some reliable sources nearby say that the commissioner was unconscious when he was taken to the medical center, but could not specify the exact place where the commissioner sustained the injuries There were no other casualties reported other than the commissioner’s.

The government soldiers and the bodyguards of the commissioner carried out no operations after the incident occurred.

Sometime in 2014 Mr. Qoorleex has narrowly escaped death after calculated attack was waged on him by Alshabab fighters.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein