Somalia: Strict security measures imposed over hotels in Mogadishu

The Ministry of security of the Somali Federal government has on Tuesday imposed strict security orders over hotels in Mogadishu The Ministry has strongly ordered the hotel owners to execute 4 issues, and if they ignore relevant penalties will be taken against them.

The instructions were given by the spokesman for the Ministry of Security Mr. Mohamed Yussuf who was addressing the press. The given orders are as follows:-

1-There should be CCTV, cameras installed in each and every hotel, the cameras should be able to capture from in front and behind.

2- The hotels should have strong defensive blocks. 3- The hotels should security guards which are capable of defending the hotel.

4- The hotels should have both exit and entrance, which would easily allow the tenants to exit if incase emergency happens.

The hotels are one of the major places which the radical Islamist group usually attacks.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein