Somalia: Somali government renews WFP operations in Somalia

The Ministry of foreign affairs of the federal republic of Somalia has on Wednesday officially renewed humanitarian work operations for World Food Program in Somalia, after the initial agreement has ended.

For the Somali side the Minister for foreign affairs His Excellency Dr. Abdisalan Hadliye Omar has signed the agreement while for the part of WFP was signed by WFP representative for Somalia, Honorable Laurent Bukera.

The event took place at the building of the Ministry of foreign affairs there were also officials from the Ministry and WFP who were present during the agreement signing session.

This imperative agreement will strengthen the efforts of WFP to address the different humanitarian challenges which are both manmade and natural which the Somali people face at times.

“I am sure WFP has played major necessary humanitarian activities in our country, and I will urge them again to redouble their humanitarian activities.

WFP is among the UN humanitarian agencies which were banned from Somalia by the Islamist group Alshabab some years back.

Radio Dalsan
Mohamed Omar Hussein