Somalia: Somali clerics taking part in the tension in Galkaio

Somali religious leaders from the towns of Mogadishu, Burco, Bossaso and Garowe addressed the press in Garowe the capital of the autonomous state of Puntaland.

These clerics are planning to travel to Galkaio to where heavy fighting between forces loyal to Puntalnd and Galmudug took place on Saturday, and bring the situation to stable and conducive.

There are possibilities of other clerics from the other regions of Somalia, such as Baay and Hiraan regions to join these current clerics.

The main objective of these Somali religious leaders meeting in Galkaio is basically about to stop the bloodshed in Galakio, and mediate the two sides.

The Somali religious scholars also added that they talked to the officials of the two states and have welcomed the mediation process.

“It is in Islamic to kill innocent soul unlawfully, so we are in a loud and clear voice urging the armed warring sides to immediately cease the fire” said Sheikh Mohamed Adan.

In parallel with the mediation process of the clerics, there is another mediation process which the intellectuals and the politicians from both sides are engaged in doing.

Initially the fight between the two sides comes after an argument over a tarmac street at Garsoor section in the puntland controlled territory.

Radio Dalsan
Mohamed Omar Hussein