Somalia: Somali Bantu and Galjecel tribes boycott Jowhar conference

The reports we are getting from Jowhar town the capital of the middle shabelle region of Somalia say that Somali Bantu and Galjecel tribes walked out from the ongoing conference in Jowhar town.

These two tribes are among the tribes which inhabit in the middle shabelle region and the reason as to why they walked out of the conference hall is said to be that they are not satisfied with the way the delegates are shared among the tribes.

In the past couple of days the tribes in Hiraan and the middle shabelle regions have been pouring in Jowahar town to attend the formation of a joint autonomous state for the two regions.

Excluding this immature state for Hiraan and middle shabelle regions, Somalia has 4 other regional autonomous states which were all formed after the collapse of last effective central government of Somalia in 1991.

Radio Dalsan
Mohamed Omar Hussein