Somalia: senior Alshabab officer surrenders to Somali government

The Somali government officials at Garbaharey district the headquarters of Gedo region in Southwest of the Somali capital admitted that a senior Alshabab officer has surrendered himself to the government administration in Gedo region on Friday.

The name of the Alshabab officer was identified as Mohamed Ali Mohamed alias [Fareey], and he was the head of Alshabab fighters in Baay, Bakool and Gedo regions in Southwest of the country.

Instantly after this Alshabab officer has given in huimslef he was evacuated to Mogadishu where he is now going under thorough investigations with the National Intelligence Agency.

It was some couple of months back when another high ranking Alshabab officer in Gedo region who names were Zakariye Ismacil has surrendered to the Somali government, and was similarly evacuated to Mogadishu where he has undergone lengthy investigations pertaining with his involvement in Alshabab and still remains in the hands of National Intelligence Agency.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein