Somalia: Police traps a man making explosives in Jowhar town

The police force in Jowhar town the capital of the middle shabelle region of Somalia on Tuesday apprehended a man who is said to be preparing explosives, and shared him with the press.

The regional police commander of the middle shabelle region Colonel Khalif Abdi Abdulle addressed the press, and this is what he had said. “We apprehended this man from Hanti-Wadag village in jowhar town while he was engaged in preparing explosives, we wouldn’t have find this man without information from the locals of Hanti-wadag village, and we shall be having long interrogation with him and where his target was” said Khalif the police commander.

Jowhar town is currently hosting the formation of autonomous state for Hiraan and Middle shabelle regions and there are delegations from all parts of these two regions that are now in Jowhar town.

On Monday there was thorough security operation in jowhar which was jointly conducted by personnel from the police and the intelligence agency.

Radio Dalsan
Mohamed Omar Hussein