Somalia: Journalist arrested in Puntland

A journalist whose name was identified as Jama Yusuf Dabarani working with Somali speaking TV by the name Somali Channel was arrested on Thursday in Garowe the capital of the autonomous state of Puntland.

The arrest of the journalist come after ignoring a letter from the Ministry of information that he is temporary suspended from his duties, and went on with his journalism duties as usual.

Till now know nobody clearly knows why the Ministry of information has suspended the journalist from his duties.

Since the current Minister for information in Puntland Mr. Mohamoud Hassan Soccade has taken the office the journalists in Puntland have been facing frequent threats and arrest from his Ministry.

The Minister has once failed in a court case in which his Ministry has banned a radio station by the name Sahan.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein

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