Somalia: Handcuffed artists brought in the dock

The chairman of the Horn Stars Band Mr. Hassan Suleiman addressing the Press has said that singers were taken to Maroodi Jex regional court and the judge in the court has said that there should be a complete file of accusation against the singers.

“The singers were on Tuesday morning brought before the regional judge of Maroodi Jex region and after the judges have listened to the accusations against the singers they said that the detention of the singers is not valid into ways: in the first place there was no warrant of arrest which was handed over to them over their arrest and in that case how they were arrested is not in accordance with the national constitution, secondly the accusation grounds against them is not complete, because there is a photo which is fabricated through Photoshop which say that Hamda Queen has covered herself with the Somali national flag, and that should not be a genuine case for detention and from this minute I have with held the detention of the singers, and I am telling from the parts of the fair justice and the regional court they are free, after that statement from the judiciary the singers are still under illegal detention and that is very unfortunate” said Suleiman the chairman of the singers.

The chairman has also added that the singers were badly treated with bruises on parts of their bodies.

Eventually the chairman of Hirn Stars Band has condemned the Ministers for Internal Affairs Waran Ade and the Minister for Information Ukuse be behind the reason as to why the musicians are still behind the bars and missing their freedom.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar