Somalia: First female contesting for Garowe Mayor

On Saturday Zuhuru Hashim Hambo has officially announced to be a candidate for the post of Garowe mayor in Northeastern States of Somalia.

Zuhur will be contesting against four other candidates who are all her opposite sex.

Different sectors of the community including politicians, religious leaders, youth, women group and civil society have turned up at Rugsan hotel in Garowe the capital of Puntland to show their support for Hambo to be the next mayor of Garowe city. “If you elect me as the city Mayor, I assure yiou that I will make significant change in the city and the city council election” said Hambo.

She also added that she will be fair and equal to all sectors in the community and move Garowe and the other major cities in Puntland to the shape of the big cities in the world.

Despite Somali female playing significant role in developing the country, they are belittled in the political framework and given unworthy portions.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein