Somalia: fierce fighting in Gedo region, 5 military officers killed

Reports coming in from Gedo region in Southwest Somalia say that ferocious fighting between Alshabab fighters and Somali government soldiers took at Warta Ad location which is some 8km east of Garbaharey district the headquarters of Gedo region.

The battle commenced after the Somali government soldiers and their allay the Ethiopian troops who are part of the African Union mission in Somalia advanced in that location after getting information that Alshabab fighters are collecting charity donations.

On the other hand reinforcement troops from Garbaharey district were on half way ambushed by Alshabab fighters and five of the Somali government soldiers were confirmed dead in the ambush including a high ranking officer whose name is not yet disclosed.

Yet we have no extra casualties’ information from the battle in Warta Ad.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein