Somalia condemns attack on AMISOM , Says sorry to Kenya 

The Federal Government of Somalia has condemned the attack on the AMISOM soldiers by armed group Al Shabaab at their El-Ade base on Friday.

“We recognise and share the painful loss of the People and Government of Kenya whose sons and daughters in uniform bravely came to return hope and stability to Somalia. We salute the KDF for their efforts and mourn their loss” said part of statement from Foreign Ministry.

“We pay tribute to the courage, commitment and sacrifice of AMISOM and the Somali National Army whose combined dedication and efforts has made progress in all its forms possible again in Somalia.”

Federal government expressed deepest condolences to the families, friends and loved ones of Kenyan soldiers who lost their lives in its soil saying their sacrifice will not be forgotten.

“They paid the ultimate price protecting our innocent civilians and strengthening institutions as well as safeguarding our progress against the evil that is terrorism. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten and nor will it be in vain.”

Al Shabaab attack on AMISOM base in Southern Somalia on Friday morning resulted scores of death on Kenyan troops serving under AU banner.

President Kenyatta condemned the attack and said they will not turn back on war on Al shabaab despite massive pressure from the public on social media and the opposition parties.