Somalia: Attorney General Send sturdy warning message

Somalia’s Attorney General Dr. Ahmed Ali Dahir has on Saturday sent a strong warning to those who commit all sorts of criminal acts.

“I am sending strong warning message to those who commit felony crimes, we shall not turn our eyes from them we shall be holding them with strong iron fist” said Dr. Ahmed.

On the other hand the AG has at length talked about men who committed rape in Galgaduud region and handed over to the investigation department.

“For those who think that when they commit crime their tribe or a religion group which has detained them somewhere will make them elude the law it will never happen, and we shall get you under every cover and you will be brought before the law” said the Dahir the AG.

On the other hand he has warned the armed way-layers who extort money from travelers to immediately stop their illicit extortion from the citizens.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein