Somalia: Alshabab threatens for more killings of government officials

The military spokesman of Alshabab Sheikh Abdiazizi Abu Muscab has on Wednesday threatened they his group will be targeting to kill any person who is working or in any other way affiliated with the Somali government.

“Our experts who are good at shooting and escaping without being noticed or caught have been recently carrying out sequences of killings of anyone who is working with the so called Somali government in Mogadishu, and I will urge our men on the ground to hold tight to their positions and to continue their targets, you are indeed so plucky” said the spokesman of Alshabab Abu Muscab.

The spokesman has also added that after they redoubled their attacks in Mogadishu the Somali government soldiers have stop harassing the local civilians.

This speech from the spokesman of Alshabab coincides with a time when the killing rate in Mogadishu is at climax level

Radio Dalsan
Mohamed Omar Hussein