Somalia: Alshabab sends strong threat massage to Kenya

Alshabab which is an Islamist faction in Somalia has sent a strong threat message to Kenya in which they said that the Kenyan which has four colors will so turn into absolute RED in which they mean that there will carry out deadly attacks in Kenya.

“The Kenyan flag has 4 colors the black color stands for their skin complexion, the red color stands for the blood that was split during the colonial era, the white stands for peace and the green stands for their land which they say is prosperous, but if you look at the place where the designed the white color is appearing in two narrow places as if they knew that  we shall be attacking them in the future, we are right inside Kenya we are not carrying out attacks beyond the Kenyan territory, but with and we are telling the Kenyan people we at your doorsteps” said Sheikh Ahmed Ilmaan Ali a senior Alshabab officer who has appeared in video shared in the Alshabab controlled social sites.

The video Alshabab also showed men dressed in the Kenyan Defense Force uniform and weapons which they said were confiscated during the attack in El-Ade location in Gedo region.

After the Kenyan Defense Force entered in Somalia Kenya has faced sequences of attacks which were carried out by Alshabab fighters.

Radio Dalsan
Mohamed Omar Hussein
[email protected]