Somalia: Alshabab officers surrender to Somali government

Reports coming from Bardere district in Gedo region say that Alshabab officers have surrendered themselves to the Somali government soldiers.

“Three Alshabab officers have willingly surrendered themselves to the Somali government, and we have warmly welcomed them and treated them highly, we are also recommending the others to do the same way” says Jama Mosses a Colonel in the Somali government in Bardere speaking to the English department of Radio Dalsan.

Colonel Mosses also added that in the past couple of days there were other members of Alshabab who have surrendered themselves into the Somali government.

On the other hand the commander of charity collection in Alshabab has surrendered himself to the Somali government in Bakool region.

In the last couple weeks the Somali government soldiers along with the AU troops have carrying out operations to eradicate Alshabab from their remaining areas in some regions in the country.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein