Somalia: Alshabab fighters raid Dervish soldiers’ base in Kismayo town

The fighters of the radical Islamist group in Somalia have on Saturday night carried out heavy attack on a dervish base in the coastal town of Kismayo, some 500km south of the Somali capital Mogadishu.

The exact place where the attack took place is the former base of the Somali air-force academy in the outskirts of the town, the Alshabab fighter couldn’t mange to take control of the base and have encountered heavy counter response from the dervish soldiers in the base.

The English department of Radio Dalsan reached the Minister for security in the autonomous state of Jubbaland to inquire about the casualties and how the attack took place, but the Minister said he is not in a position to address the press at the moment.

Some independent sources informed Radio Dalsan that the casualties from both sides are 15 persons.

The Kenyan Defense Force are in Kismayo town as part of the African Union Mission in Somalia, but the entire areas surrounding the town are under the full control of Alshabab fighters.

It was in the beginning of this month when Alshabab fighters have attacked one of the deluxe hotels in Mogadishu, and situated in the heart of the city and killed top government officials including a General in the Somali National Army.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein