Somalia: Alshabab fighters attack Kismayo airstrip

Alshabab fighters have on Tuesday night attacked the airstrip of the coastal seaport town of Kismayo from two different directions.

The local residents speaking to Dalsan radio confirmed the incident.

“We heard the sounds of Rocket Propel Grenades and mortars followed by exchange of light and heavy machineguns, but I cannot verify the number of casualties” says Hassan Noor a resident in Kismayo town speaking to Dalsan radio over the line.

So far the officials of the semiautonomous states of Jubbaland have not given information regarding Tuesday night’s attack.

This will not be the first time for Alshabab to carry out attacks on Kismayo airstrip and other significant places in the city since they were ousted from the city a year ago.

Dalsan Radio

Mohamed Omar Hussein