Somalia: A senior American national with Alshabab has surrendered

The district commissioner of the coastal town of Barawe district in the lower shabelle region of Somalia Mr. Hussein Mohamed Barre, has on Monday told the press that a senior American national who has been with Alshabab fighters has surrendered to them.

“We caught a man whose body complexion was white with long beard, and when we introgated him he told us that he has escaped from Alshabab and was willing to surrender himself to the Somali government, he has identified his nationality as an American” said commissioner Mohamed.

The district commissioner also added that they caught the man while they were on routine patrol along the seashore.
The district commissioner of Barawe district has not yet mentioned the names of the man who he said gave in himself.

There are no other independent sources which will support the saying of the authority in Barwe district that a foreigner in Alshabab cell has surrendered to the Somali government officials in the district.

There are no official statement from Alshabab in connection with the man which the Somali government officials are claiming that has surrendered to them, but of late there has been rift between Alshabab group which has resulted the be in two different positions, one group is saying that they will be joining ISIS while the other is insisting to stay with its current network Alqaida.

Radio Dalsan
Mohamed Omar Hussein