Somalia: A 2yrs old girl killed viciously by her stepmother in Jowhar town

A woman in Jowhar town the headquarters of the middle shabelle region of Somalia has on Friday killed Amina Mohamed Hussein a 2 years of age girl in a water canal.

Amina’s father divorced her mother when she was some months old and he got married to Doowlay Omar who is the very woman who has killed the young girl in a water canal.

Since Amina’s father has divorced her mother she has been living with her father. Doowlay had children with another husband who divorced her, and the father of the deceased young girl has compelled Doowlay to take her children to their father.

In retune Doowlay has also brought hard conditions against the late Amina’s father and said “If I am suppose to take my children to their father, so you should do the same and take Amina to her mother”.

Howaever Amina’s stepmother Doowlay has sweet-talked to Amina to fetch water with her in a nearby water canal, and by reaching their she killed the young Amina in the canal by suffocating her inside the water for so long until she eventually died, and left her there inside the water.

After the Friday prayers when Amina’s father returned home he missed his daughter among the other children and immediately he stood in suspicion, and thought Amina has been killed by her stepmother because she threatened him on

Thursday that he will see a shocking incident. There was a collective search of Amina’s whereabouts in the vicinity including the nearby water canal and eventually the body of the young girl was spotted floating on the water.

The father of the family who was initially suspicious that his daughter was killed by his wife reported the matter to the police and after thorough investigation the wife has confessed that she is the one who killed the young girl in the water.

The local residents in Jowhar town said that this is the first time such a shocking incident to happen in the town.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein