Somalia: 8 Ethiopians confirmed dead and over 40 wounded in Somalia’s

On Monday 8 Ethiopians were confirmed dead in a road accident which took place near Qardo district in Karkar province in the semiautonomous state of Puntland in Eastern Somalia.

The injured people are believed to be over 40 and out of the 12 of them have sustained heavy injuries. The deceased and the injured persons are said to Ethiopians migrants who were intending to reach the coastal town of Bosaso district in Puntland.

The deputy director of Bosaso hospital Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Hussein told the press that 41 persons have been injured in the accident and 12 of them are in critical situation and the remaining persons have been discharged from the hospital.

The reason behind the accident is not yet apparent, but one of the passengers said that the lorry was over loaded with people.

“We were 120 persons in the lorry and since we have started our journey it was wobbling from side to side and eventually it has turned over” said Girma.

The number of Ethiopian migrants coming into the territories of Puntland has been lately significantly increasing, and the main reason behind is that they want to sneak into the ocean intending to reach in the Arab world.

The administration of Puntland very often reiterates it has completely stopped migrants come into its territories crossing to the Gulf countries.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein