Somali regional state displays Alshabaab prisoners of war

Puntland regional state of Somalia which has been battling Alshabaab for the last two weeks has displayed prisoners of war.

According press release there are more than 35 Alshabaab fighters captured in the frontline and now in the hands of Puntland administration among them teenagers.

The regional administration officials have presented the captured Alshabaab fighters and other dead bodies of the group killed during confrontation in Suuj on Sunday.

Local officials further said over 75 Alshabaab militants were killed in te week long war in the mountainous areas in North Eastern Somalia, adding that the that operation to kick off the group as over.

Regional state President who is back home after tour to United States has renewed calls for support to defeat armed group in Puntland.

President Abdiweli Gas has called upon federal government and the international community to help regional state security forces in their fight against Alshabaab.