Somali Presidents lays arts and culture academy foundation stone

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has on Tuesday laid foundation stone of what will be a new dawn for the Somali arts and culture academy.

The building which was destroyed by the civil war in the country used to host Somali language arts and culture research institution before the broke out of the civil war in 1991.

President Sheikh Mohamud said the historic revival of the academy will be significant for rich Somali arts and culture that is too affected by the war.

“It will be very difficult for people who don’t know their past to plan for their future, so I am extremely delighted today to take part in the revival of arts and culture academy,” he said.

The opening ceremony of the project which is funded by European Union and Oxfarm was also attended by minister for education and other Somali academicians.

Federal government of Somalia is reviving key government institutions destroyed in the civil war  with the help from the international community.