Somali President reiterates commitment of election in 2016

The President of the federal republic of Somalia has reiterated his government commitment to holding first general elections in the country next year.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was speaking during an Iftar program with his party members of Peace and Development Party (PDP) held at his residence in Villa Somalia.

He said most of the five key pillars that his government has promised during 2012 elections has been achieved.

“My government has stepped up war against corruption, establishment of good governance and realization of vision 2016 but we still need to do a lot as we are just recovering from civil war,” he said.

Sheikh Mohamud added that the parliament is deliberating on political parties’ act which will be tabled as part of preparation for next year general elections.

He urged peace and development party members to continue their development projects by supporting the poor and the needy in the community.