Somali President appoints new ambassadors to US and Turkey

The President of federal republic of Somalia has nominated new ambassadors to United States and Turkey.

Former UK ambassador and National Intelligence and Security Agency chief (NISA) Abdullahi Mohamed famously known as “Sanbalolshe” to Turkey and former United Nations staff Ahmed Issa Awad to United States of America.

Somali PM Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke was ambassador to US before quitting after appointed and approved by parliament as the Prime Minister of the federal republic.

Analyst believe that this latest move by Hassan Sheikh Mohamud government is part of a wide strategy of restructuring Somali international relations following the damage caused by two decades of civil war and ineffective government in place.

Both Turkey and United states are key allies to Somali government.

US in particular provides financial support to African union peace keeping troops in the country that are spear heading fight against armed group Al Shabaab.

Turkey which is building what would be one of the biggest embassies in world in Mogadishu is praised by Somali citizens for its role in development and humanitarian issues particularly in 2011 drought and famine response.