Somali President and AU Special Rep discuss intensifying operation against Alshabaab

The President of the federal republic of Somalia and African Union special representative to the country have discussed how to intensify military operations against armed group Alshabaab.

President Sheikh Mohamud and Francisco Caetano Jose Madeira who met on Tuesday at Villa Somalia Palace in Mogadishu have also mentioned how to strenghen the operation capacity of African Union troops and Somali National Army against war on Alshabaab militants.

The two have agreed to establish committee to follow up the implementation of Djibouti meeting on February where  regional leaders of the troops contributing countries to AU peace keeping mission in Somalia AMISOM have met.

The meeting which was also attended by the Somali military chief and AMISOM commanders discussed ways in which SNA and AMISOM closely cooperate on the front line  operations and new plans for liberated areas from Alshabaab fighters.