Somali PM media Adviser condemns actions of self appointed investigative Journalist and his Associates

Somali Prime Minister media adviser has strongly condemned self-appointed investigate Journalist Dahir Alasow and his quack associates, joining the mass condemnations against the media spoilers.

Garad Salad Hersi, citing ethical questions, described Dahir Alasow move to use the name of Somali media and publish false and defamatory information against government officials, business and media entities  as unacceptable to the journalism and subject to condemnation.

He welcome joint statement by National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) and Somali Independent Media Houses Association (SIMHA)  supported by the Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA)  to distance itself from Dahir Alasow and his group for not qualifying to be called as journalists.

 “We welcome SIMHA and NUSOJ actions to safeguard the dignity of Somali media by saying no to those who want to tarnish their name,” he said.

Mr. Garad has called upon Ministry of Information to closely work with legal Somali media union and association to follow up the case of quack and self appointed investigative journalists Dahir Alasow and those working with him on blackmailing the leaders and entities n the society

Mr. Alasow news website Waagacusub is well known for publishing false, slander and defamatory information in order to tarnish the name of those who are important in the society. in Alasow’s website, such damaging content are subject only if certain demanded payment are met by those avoiding further trouble, while others like Dahabshiil Remittance filed a lawsuit against him,

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