Somali National Financial Controller wants answer from state over unaccounted budget

National Financial accountability office wants answer from relevant office in the government for unaccountable budget.

The Deputy Director of Somali national finance controller Ali Abukar Ahmed has called upon the office of the President, The Prime Minister, National Assembly speaker and parliamentary committee for finance to explain the lose of huge amount of money for unaccounted purposes.

In an exclusive letter received by Radio Dalsan, Ali Abukar has ordered bring to an end of all financial provision to various government departments except security services and civil servants.

In the letter, the deputy national financial controller indicated the total expenditure of the government for past three months (March to May) andfailure  by the government provide how it was utilized.

Mr. Ali Abukar said the three months state expenditure was enough to pay the salary of the national army without the need of foreign aid or support.

The internationally backed Somali government relies on foreign funding for operation.

See below the breakdown of the national financial control government expenditure for the months of March, April and May.

March expenditure      US$12,068,890,97

 April expenditure       US $9, 569,122,98

May expenditure        US$9,835,624,90

Total:                          US$31,473,638,85 Dollars.