Somali leaders consultation forum opens in Mogadishu

Somali leaders’ consultation forum has opened in the capital Mogadishu on Monday.

Two days event which follows up another meeting between central government and regional state leaders earlier will focus on 2016 general elections, development and political progress made in the country.

The Somali four regional state leaders, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and PM Omar Sharmarke,Speaker of National Assembly Professor Mohamed Jawari UN special representative to Somalia ambassador Nicholas Kay plus others representatives from diplomatic core are attending the crucial meeting.

The high level meeting which was held inside the compound of the fortified Mogadishu International Airport due to security purpose was delayed by two hours after disagreement on the attendance of some members.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who opened the meeting has urged leaders not waste time on unnecessary political agenda and focus on the democratic transition of the country while PM Sharmarke making clear that will not discuss what kind of election but must be election end of his government term.