Somali lawmaker strongly criticize AU troops act Somalia:

Honorable Sidow Adan Abadir a lawmaker in the Somali national assembly has strong condemn Ugandan troops who are part of the AU mission in Somalia. The legislator’s uproar come a day after Ugandan troops stationed in Marka town the headquarters of Lower Shabelle region have indiscriminately opened fire family members of six that is a father and his five children.

“I strongly denounce Ugandan troops in Marka town, for their wild behaving with the inhabitants in that town, in the first place when they reached their we thought they will be good for the people, but now we realized that they are shedding the bloods of innocent citizens in the town, I will call their mission in the town none other than committing genocide” said Sidow speaking to Dalsan radio in Mogadishu.

Likewise Honorable Sidow also added that there will be a joint dossier of accusation against Ugandan troops in Marka town which the Somali Parliament members will submit to the AU headquarters soon.

Besides Honorable Sidow’s condemnation, the Ugandan troops in the town of Marka claim that they have killed Alshabab men and not innocent civilians, but the independent report from the AU headquarters in Mogadishu says that there will be thorough investigation which will be conducted to know and make the matter clear.

Late July, there was another incident of Ugandan troops killing 12 civilians in Marka town. After all this incidents occurring in Marka town the senior top ranking Somali government officials have not yet talked about all these.