Somali gov’t announces when will be the opening date of the formation of Hiran and Middle Shabelle regions

The Minister for Internal Affairs for the Somali Federal Government honorable Abdirahman Mohamed Odowa has officially announced the opening date of the formation of the Hiran and Middle Shabelle regions.

“I would like to make clear to everybody that the official opening date of formation of new autonomous States of Hiran and the Middle Shabelle regions of Somalia will be on the 1st of September” says Odowa.

Though the Minister has mentioned the date when the meeting will be held, he has escaped to answer where will be the venue where the meeting will be held.

This statement of the Minister comes hours after the plan and the discussion of the joint autonomous States of the regions was on Saturday held at Villa Hargeisa hall in the State House.

The current regional commissioners of Hiran and Middle Shabelle and 11 Ministers in the federal government have been the first signatories of the new states.

The other notable dignitaries in the hall where the discussion was held were the President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, Ministers, legislators from the two region, traditional elders, the United Nations, IGAD and other officials from the International Community.

The Somali government is putting extra efforts in the formation of regional states in the country, and it was on the 4th of July when it has accomplished Galmudug States In central Somalia.