Somali government says it ready for Al Shabaab defectors

Federal Government of Somalia has said it is ready to welcome Al Shabaab fighters who defect and renounce violence as military operations alone cannot bring peace and stability.

Minister for Information Mohamed Abdi Hayir Mareye reiterated government’s amnesty plan for those willing to surrender to the government.

“We offer amnesty provided the individual meets four simple conditions: reject al-Shabaab; renounce violence; commit to participation in the peace process and the reconstruction of the country; and be an ambassador to others still trapped within al-Shabaab,” he said.

Mareye added that Somali National Army supported by African Union peacekeeping troops are making significant gains in the frontline against armed group Al Shabaab and congratulated SNA and AMISOM for success in Bay, Bakol and Gedo region.

“The recent offensive against the terrorist group, Al-Shabaab, aims to retake all remaining areas under their control so that the people in these areas will be able to enjoy peace and stability.”

He also called upon the humanitarian organizations to assist the government in helping those fleeing the offensive as the government does not have sufficient funds.

“I call on all humanitarian agencies to urgently provide food aid and shelter for those families as they try to rebuild their lives,” he said.

Federal government of Somalia amnesty plea comes as Somali National Army backed by AMISOM troops recuptured Bardere from Al Shabaab on Tuesday.