Somali Female Presidential Candidate faces Tough Questions Over Her Presidential bid

MOGADISHU, Somalia – For the first time, a female presidential candidate will be contesting for the top seat of Somalia in the upcoming presidential elections, with her bid raising questions.

Fadumo Dayib, who has lived in Finland since 1990, is standing in the crucial presidential elections in Somalia scheduled for November 30, 2016.

Dayib is the only woman among over 18 candidates running for the presidency, including the incumbent, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, a former academic and activist who has been in power since 2012.

The female presidential candidate says she has already received death threats from the Al Qaeda-linked Islamic militant group Al shabaab, but that nothing will stop her from contesting for Somalia presidency.

Fadumo Dayib who is currently in Mogadishu, is now facing further complicated things and questions.

In a local TV interview, Fadumo Dayib has been asked about her bid and how her husband will be referred to, if she wins the presidential race for the Muslim nation’s top seat.

“I don’t know what to say, those thinking about that question, i surprises, this country has been suffering from many problems, those do not see that problems are thinking about husband, Dayib said in a spongy voice while answering the TV interviewer’s question.

Somalis took to the social media, asking a new terminology for a ‘title’ of the husband of a female president in case Dayib wins the coming polls.