Somali attorney general in Hague to file case against Kenya

Somali attorney general Dr. Ahmed Ali Dahir is in Hague, Holland, to file case against Kenya over disputed maritime border to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The attorney accompanied by experts and international lawyers representing Somalia are expected to submit their case to The Hague based court on Monday.

Federal government of Somalia has dismissed out of court settlement with Kenya over 1420000 Kilometer square disputed Indian Ocean maritime border that has strained the diplomatic relationship between the two neighboring state.

According to reports the case will be presided over by 15 judges and the final results is expected as earlier as 2017.

The parties in the case cannot appeal and the ruling of the court is the final decision.

Last year the International Court of Justice ruled on Chile and Peru dispute over their maritime border and the associated fishing rights, Peru first brought its suit for 38000 square kilometer of increased nautical territory to ICJ in 2008.

The court later awarded Peru 21,000 square kilometer of the disputed 38000 Square kilometer in the disputed territory.

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