Six wounded in Beled-Weyn airport “laptop” explosion

Atleast six people have sustained injuries with two of them in a critical acondition when explosion that was planted on a laptop device exploded in Beled-Weyne airport.

According to Police sources the explosion occured inside one of the buses that operates inside the Ugas Khalif airport.

Regional Police commander Ali Dhux Abdi Mahad confirmed to the media that the exploded laptop was inside a bag that was on the bus at the time.

“Security personnel were searching the lagguages of the passengers when the explosion occured,” he said.

He added that another printer device that was aimed to facilitate second explosion was successifully defused by security agencies.

” Thankfully there is no death and all were safe, just injuries that are treated,” he said.
This latest airport explosive attack just comes only two months after similar laptop explosive attack aimed at Somali airlier Dallo airlines was carried out.

The alleged suicide bomber was killed in the mid air and six others wounded on February 2 incident.

More than 20 suspects were detained in connection to the attack after CCTV footage of the airport was reviewed.