Puntland minister blames Mogadishu for Alshabaab build up

Puntland regional state security minister has accused central government in Mogadishu for what he described as increased Alshabab military build up in the area.

Al Shabaab fighters with several boats have been reported to have captured Garad town, small port town in Puntland on Monday.

The head of the local authority in the port town of Garad, Abdinur Abdullahi, told Reuters by telephone that al Shabaab with foreign fighters had met local elders, saying they would “capture many places and fight non-Muslims.”

Security Minister Abdi Hersi Ali also known as Qarjab who was addressing the media after emergency security meeting following reports of Alshabaab fighters seen in the small port town of Garad has said federal government is punishing his regional administration for its stand against 4.5 power sharing strategy.
“I can say federal government is behind Alshabaab encroachment into Puntland territories after the rejection of the illegal  4.5 power sharing strategy,” he said.
Puntland regional administration strongly opposes 4.5 power sharing plan to used in the upcoming elections with President Abdiweli Gas questioning the credibility of the system.

Professor Gas said in earlier interview that the 4.5 system is not practical in 21st century Somali while choosing Washington over  Istanbul meeting on last month on future of Somali elections.