President takes re-election campaign to Baidoa


President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is in Baidoa the headquarter of South West Regional state of Somalia.
Sheikh Mohamud was welcomed by South West state President Sheikh Sharif Adan at the airport in the unannounced visit.
Sources said the President is working hard to win the votes of the regional state in the upcoming elections on November 30th.
His visit comes just after close family member Jibril Mohamed Abdulle who is also eyeing the Presidential sit visited Baidoa for vote hunting.
President Sheikh Mohamud officially launched his re-election bid last month in Mogadishu requesting re-election to complete what he termed as pending development projects that was innitiated by his government four years ago.
Among notable Presidential hopefuls in upcoming historic elections are current PM Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke, former President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and among others.
The interim electoral body postponed long awaited Presidential elections to 30th November from 30th October for technical and economic reasons earlier last month.
By Hassan Istiila