Mandhera Governor asks Government to replace region security officials

The Mandhera county governor Ali Ibrahim Roba, who survived an attack from Al-shabab asked Kenyan security authorities to address raising Al-shabab threats inside Kenya and the border along Somalia.

In order to uphold security and eliminate Al-shabab, the governor called Kenyan government heads to replace all security officials serving in the region. Mandhera police has been beefing up security to ward off further Al-shabab attacks.

In the last four months more than 100 people including residents and government officials were killed in Mandhera and Al-shabaab doubled its attack against the Kenyan government and its interests in the region.

Kenya invaded Somalia in 2011 to fight Al-shabaab following years of turmoil and civil war in the long troubled horn of African nation. The group on Wednesday killed four people in Wajeer town.