Mandera Governor believes Somalia border wall will improve security

Mandera county Governor Ali Roba has said the planned construction of a wall along Kenya and Somalia will improve security in the county.

Mr Roba said the construction of the wall will help keep away what he termed as terrorist and their attacks in the border town and his administration fully backs Kenyan government move to go ahead with the plan.

“My administration supports the national government in this project because the wall will help stabilize Mandera by defining specific entry and exit points for better screening,” said Mr Roba who spoke at the weekend after meeting the county security team.

He added that the porous border has helped terror suspects escape easily after committing crime.

“The wall will reduce crime rate in Mandera since it is difficult to pursue the criminals once they crossover to Somalia,” he said.

He added that the border will be brought down after the return of peace and stability in Somalia.

The federal government of Somalia has rejected Kenyan government plan to erect wall along the border saying it will only give more excuse to armed group Al Shabaab to carry out attacks against civilians living along the border of the two neighboring states.