I will sit down with Alshabaab as President, Fatuma Dayib

Somali woman who declared her interest to vie for the top position in her country in up coming general elections said she will talk with Alshabaab if elected to the contested position.

” I will sit down and talk with Alshabaab leaders in order to solve this problem once and for all,” said Fatuma Dayib but if elected as President.

Speaking to Radio Dalsan during an interview Mrs. Dayib ruled out the strict Islamic rules by armed group and cultural restriction as Somali woman which might end her ambitions to sit down with group leaders to pave way for the talks.

“They are our sons and brothers and we need to talk to them about this problem affecting us, nothing wrong about that,” she said.

She promised to give first priority to empowering of  women and children in her government if elected to the position in the recuperating state.

“Most of the children in this country do not have access to education and heath, they are malnourished, we have responsibility to provide them,” she said.

Mrs. Dayib also called upon the current members of Somali parliament to put the interest of the country first and vote wisely when it comes to general elections later this year since there will be no one man one vote.

The mother of four who received death threats after declaring her interest in the male dominated field says nothing will stop her from running in the upcoming elections, which are due to be held in August 2016.