Houthi shelling kills six Somali refugees in Yemen

Six Somali nationals have been killed when Houthi Shia rebels shelling hit a school where the refugees were sheltering.

The victims including children were sheltering in the school from months old the fighting between Houthi Shia rebels and Saudi led coalition airstrikes.

Early last week another Somali man was killed by a mortar shell while trying to buy Ramadan food from a kiosk in Aden.

This is the seventh case in which innocent Somali refugees in Yemen were caught up in the fighting which has devastated the poor Arabian Peninsula gulf state.

United Nations has warmed against severe food crisis that was created by the fighting between exiled President Abd Rabou Mansour and Iranian backed Houthi Shia rebels.

Thousands of Somalis who fled to Yemen after the break out of civil war in their country in early 1990s are fleeing  back home from the Yemen violence.