Former FESTU Secretary General Arrested in Ethiopia, Awaits Deportation

The Ethiopian Security forces on Sunday arrested former FESTU Secretary General Omar Faruk Osman upon arrival at Bole International Airport, awaiting deportations, officials said.

According to the Somali embassy in Addis Ababa, Omar Faruk arrived at Bole airport to attend the 13th African Regional Meeting of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and was arrested upon arrival.

The Ethiopian immigration Authorities deported Omar Faruk Osman on July 2015 as he tried to enter and meet African Union officials who still believe that Omar is the legitimate leader for the various organizations he claims including NUSOJ, FESTU and EAJA, according to the Ethiopia media reports.

In December 2013 an Ethiopian court ordered the deportation of Omar to Somalia after finding him money fraud and corruption, after an Ethiopian court in Addis Ababa made a hearing on a case against Omar Faruk Osman, who is a Somali origin, and was arrested by the Ethiopian Federal police on arrival at Boley International airport in Addis, following a complaint made by Ethiopian hotels and companies over money fraud.

Omar was deported to Somalia after his family members paid the hotel bills and tickets. He was escorted to Wajale, a small town town at the Ethiopian border with Somaliland

Somali’s National Union of journalists (NUSOJ) replaced Omar Faruk Osman on February 2011 over corruption and mismanagement, Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU) replaced him on September 2013 in similar allegations,  while Eastern African Journalists Association (EAJA) suspended him from leadership in January 2014 replacing him by Alexandre Niyungeko from the Union of Burundi Journalists to the position in an acting capacity.