FESTU National Congress elects new Leadership

The National Congress of the the Federation of Somali Trade Unions held between 5-6 April, 2016 in Mogadishu’s Maka Mukarama Hotel elected new office bearers.

The theme of the National Congress was “Unifying the power of the Somali workers” As a  progressive trade union movement plays a larger role than just representing their members on the shop floor. It does  have a central role in democratization of both politics and economic policy. To fulfill these roles, it has to think, plan and act strategically.

Delegates from the respective affiliates of FESTU who convened in Mogadishu addressed key challenges facing the Somali labor sector, youth unemployment and the best way in creating decent work conditions for Somali workers.

Three candidates who have shown interest to the post General Secretary of the Federation of Somali Trade Unions contested the election which took place the second day of the National congress and were
Abdirahman Hassan Omar, Omar Faruk Osman and Mohamed Ibrahim respectively.

The election committee observing the constitution, announced that Omar Faruk Osman didn’t show up, despite showing interest in taking part the elections without providing credible reasons,

After the election papers count, Mohamed Ibrahim won overwhelmingly to become the new General Secretary of the Federation of Somali Trade Unions.  Mr. Ibrahim is prominent journalist, trade unionist and the outgoing Secretary General of the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) and has been the New York Times reporter since 2006.

The new General Secretary stated that he will do all he can to help young people to get jobs in the main stream of the society. He said lack of opportunities and employment for youths are the major obstacle to the recovery of the economy of the country.

In the tenure ahead of Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU), it has to play a crucial role in organizational strengthening, unionizing Somali workers, empowerment of the workers and the large armies of the unemployed whose sources of livelihood has been destroyed the civil conflict. This will be done through a combination of enhancing their ideological awareness and in advocacy and direct interventions national policy issues and through internal initiatives on skills development sufficient for improving employment and income generation.

At this historic moment of reconstruction and transformation of the nation, society and economy, FESTU is also expected to take a decisive lead in materializing the principle of working class unity and the campaign of better working conditions for all Somali workers.

The new leadership requested the local and the international trade unions and donor community to work closely with the elected leadership to ensure that the dream of the Somali workers changes into action.

Full report of the National Congress will follow shortly.

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